ALGOrithms empowering SURGeons

What we do

AlgoSurg® team has developed a web-based software for surgeons to simulate bone surgeries in 3D and to get 3D printable surgical-tool design; automatically, within minutes and specific to patient.
Our goal is to make surgeries accurate, faster, cost-effective and efficient using automation and enhanced visualization. Virtual 3D surgery simulation is the way to get there.

Here is our Y-combinator demo-day pitch.


Who we are

Dr. Vikas Karade
Amit Maurya
Sudhakar Jannu
Algorithms Design (AI/ML)
Suraj Ghuwalewala
Product Design - Clinical
Lata Chawla
Clinical Research
Pratik Agarwal
Algorithms (Image Processing)
Tushar Sangham
System Engineer
Manu Sankar
Clinical Engineer


Our innovations XrayTo3D® and Tabplan3D® won prestigious awards at national and international platforms.


Media recognizes our work as the begining of disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry.

BBC News American Bazaar Online
CNBC Awaaz - Innovation Yatra ETNow TV Programme - Power of Shunya
Times of India ET HealthWorld Magazine
India Today Business World Disrupt