ALGOrithms Empowering SURGeons to make surgeries Accurate and Efficient

What we do

AlgoSurg® team has developed a web-based software Tabplan3D® for surgeons to simulate bone surgeries in 3D and to get 3D printable surgical-tool design; automatically, within minutes and specific to patient.
Our solutions make surgeries accurate, faster, cost-effective and efficient using automation and enhanced visualization. Automation is the future of surgeries and virtual 3D simulation is the way to get there.

Here is an introductory video. Demo and Real-patient case studies will be published soon.

Who we are

Core Team
Dr. Vikas Karade
Amit Maurya
Sudhakar Jannu
Algorithms (AI & ML)
Pratik Agarwal
Algorithms (Image-processing)
Purav Shah
Business Dev. - USA
Suraj Ghuwalewala
Product Design - Clinical
Tushar Sangham
System Engineering
Manu Sankar
Clinical Engineering
Devarsh Vyas
Clinical Engg. & B-Dev.

Key opinion leaders (surgeons) mentoring us and building/testing our products
Dr. Mangal Parihar
Joint Replacement & Deformities
Dr. Vivek Shetty
Joint Replacement & Deformities
Dr. Manish Agarwal
Dr. Rasheed M. Fakhri
Orthopedic Surgeon - MSF

Interns who learned from us and helped us learning more (for those who are seeking intership at AlgoSurg)
Harshit Agarwal
Mechanical Engg. - UIUC, USA
Harshita Mangal
Elec. & Comp. Engg. - UCSD, USA
Misbah Lokhandwala
Mechanical Engg. - CMU, USA
Tejaswini Allikanti
Electrical Engg. - IIT-B, India
Adithya Sireesh
Comp Science - Univ of Edin, UK


World media recognizes our work as the begining of disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry.

BBC News Techcrunch : Y-combinator
The Economic Times American Bazaar Online
CNBC Awaaz - Innovation Yatra ETNow TV Programme - Power of Shunya
Times of India The Economic Times
India Today Business World Disrupt


AlgoSurg team has won prestigious awards nationally and internationally, for their innovations.